Tribe War Room

 with Collin Norton

get notified of profitable oA Flip leads at record speeds on our brand new private war room server!

 The Problem

Discord Servers Delivering Over Saturated Leads Because They’re Powered by Subscription Bots.

 The Solution

A Discord Server Powered by Custom "Tribe War Room" Written Bots Delivering Fast, Fresh, Profitable leads at lightning speeds.

What Is Tribe War Room?

Tribe War Room is a private Discord server with custom bots created for Amazon Seller Tribe to deliver high-quality Amazon to Amazon (and Walmart) flips at super-fast speeds. These bots look for flips that meet our criteria and send notifications so that you can buy the flip before it's sold out!

What You Get With War Room

  • Access to the all new War Room server: Membership access to the War Room Discord server where our bots notify of profitable flip opportunities.
  • Custom bots made just for War Room: Most other servers run "everybody has them" bots. Our bots are 100% created from scratch specifically for War Room.
  • Faster Notifications: When it comes to Amazon & Walmart flips, speed is king. Our bots are constantly checking our tracked products to notify War Room members as soon as they are in stock.
  • Amazon Or Walmart Flips: You have the option to choose between the Amazon to Amazon flips or Walmart flips channels (or can reach out if you want to sign up for both).
Collin is a 21 year-old-senior, majoring in Finance at Florida State University. He began flipping products on Amazon in April 2021 after a coworker suggested it by saying, “It would be great for you because it’s a young man’s game.
His first flips were NECA action figures that he found in Walmart.
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Alan Taylor, a valued Tribe member, had the good fortune to run into Collin and invited him into the Amazon Seller Tribe

Collin joined in July and immediately enrolled for the Tribe 6 coaching round. 
During that time, Gaye and Collin began discussing creating a Discord Server that dished up Amazon to Amazon Flips and store finds from other places such as Walmart. 
What both of them knew was that Tactical Arbitrage, a powerful online sourcing tool, still had some gaps where potentially high profit finds fell through the cracks. And, pop-up sales and discounted inventory couldn’t be captured.
The only solution was to create custom bots that roamed Amazon and other source stores to dish up to subscribers the hottest, freshest finds in the industry.

Remember, all you need is one good lead to pay the entire month’s subscription! Then the rest of the leads are MAKING YOU FAT CASH.

Subscribe to one or both channels!


$99.99 every month
$99.99 every month
$198 every month
$79.99/monthly ($20 Discount)
$79.99/monthly ($20 Discount)
$178.00/monthly ($20 Discount)

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